Miyagi Prefecture (Miyagi-ken) is located in the Tohoku region on Honshu island, Japan. The capital is the city of Sendai. There are high mountains on the west and along the northeast coast, but the central plain around Sendai is fairly large. Matsushima is known as one of the three most scenic views of Japan, Sendai became known as The City of Trees (Mori no Miyako) . This was because the Sendai han encouraged residents to plant trees in their yards. The most famous festival in Sendai is the Sendai Tanabata Festival, its main attractions are the intricate Tanabata decorations. SGI practice Soka Gakkai's particular form of Nichiren Buddhism. Butsudan Buddhist altar Nichiren taught that by chanting "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" to the Gohonzon. SGI practitioners call this process a "human revolution."
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