Nagasaki Prefecture (Nagasaki-ken) is located on Kyushu island, Japan. The capital is the city of Nagasaki. Nagasaki is a land of nature's bounty surrounded by more than 600 isles off the coast and complicated coastlines. Having those many bays and coves, Nagasaki is blessed with the bounty of the nature and the beauty of the scenery. There are two national parks, two quasi-national parks and six prefectural natural parks. "Shippoku Ryouri" with a fine harmony of Japanese, Western and Chinese food culture represents those dishes in Nagasaki. "Castella" and "Cas-doce" are confectionery developed in Nagasaki. "Chanpon & Sara-udon" are noodle dishes rearranged from original Chinese dishes. SGI practice Soka Gakkai's particular form of Nichiren Buddhism. Butsudan Buddhist altar Nichiren taught that by chanting "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" to the Gohonzon. SGI practitioners call this process a "human revolution."
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