Shizuoka Prefecture (Shizuoka-ken) is located in the Chubu region on Honshu island, Japan. The capital is the city of Shizuoka.it is an elongated region following the coast of the Pacific Ocean. In the west, the prefecture extends deep into the Japan Alps, while further east it becomes a narrower coast bounded on the north by Mount Fuji, until it comes to the Izu Peninsula, a popular resort area pointing south into the Pacific. Atami is a coastal hot spring resort in Shizuoka on the east coast of the Izu Peninsula southwest of Tokyo, Japan. Shizuoka Symbol combines the shapes of Shizuoka and Mt. Fuji in a curved, unified design. SGI practice Soka Gakkai's particular form of Nichiren Buddhism. Butsudan Buddhist altar Nichiren taught that by chanting "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" to the Gohonzon. SGI practitioners call this process a "human revolution."
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